Meandering through Arizona, drifting leisurely along the trails of a desert whose essence is so elusive, is like entrusting your soul to a merchant of emotions. 

A journey towards infinity, though an optical funnel of highways that run through the middle of nowhere; whe...


Istanbul is a mix of civilizations, religions, cultures, races, smells and tastes, that meets its perfect symbolic synthesis in the lively and endless indoor market of the “Grand Bazaar”.

If you cannot rest at Istanbul, that’s not only due to its metropolitan dimension...

If there should be one thing you have not to care about before leaving to Burano, that surely is the weather forecast, since its colorful houses enhances brilliance in any conditions. They bright under the sun rays and contrast under the clouds, even the darkest ones.


Santorini is a remarkable island because of the many wonders that would be extraordinary elsew here but which here seem almost commonplace. 
Visiting Santorini means experiencing emotions “aroused” by its countless contrasts. The rugged landscape due to its volcan...

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