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If there should be one thing you have not to care about before leaving to Burano, that surely is the weather forecast, since its colorful houses enhances brilliance in any conditions. They bright under the sun rays and contrast under the clouds, even the darkest ones.

Their endless chromatic variety along the channels, make you feel like walking on an artist’s palette, playing with the zoom of your camera, that becomes your paint brush of the pictures you are going to compose.

Peace is all around.

You can walk serenely without the stress from traffic and breathe lightly without smog. Boats are the only mean of movement, parked upfront the houses of the respective owners, close to the mast to make easier the boarding.

Burano is one of the most desired destinations, therefore it is constantly visited by many tourists coming from anywhere. Even in a cold and cloudy Monday of November, as I did.

The colors of Burano are like chromosomes of a DNA structure: a sequence of unique elements. They are laid in a horizontal way, walking along the channels. You can watch them in a vertical way while passing through the internal side of the houses.

Burano of color and the whiteness too. The white of its popular laces lightens the windows of many shops.

Burano is an inspiration place for artists, a nest for couples, an oasis for dreamers.

Burano is something like hanging on the surreal, to leave your concerns and recover your soul.

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