Santorini is a remarkable island because of the many wonders that would be extraordinary elsew here but which here seem almost commonplace. Visiting Santorini means experiencing emotions “aroused” by its countless contrasts. The rugged landscape due to its volcanic origin opposed to the white-washed houses perching on the top of the caldera cliffs and the bright colors of the details of the houses. The recurrent white and blue, patriotic colors which are also characteristic of the many churches dotted around the island. The immeasurable love for the sea that can be seen in the stone-framed doors that open up to the immensity of the sea. The sea is home.

The sunsets are spectacular and are celebrated like a rite. The sun takes pride of place, able to hypnotize, interrupt conversation and stop you in your tracks. Oia, the village at the furthest edge of the northern side of the island, all at once becomes a natural theatre with crowds of people that gather several hours before the sun dips below the horizon. When the last ray disappears below the horizon, a thunderous applause breaks the silence of the contemplation of the spectacular show.

Santorini is the “Bora Bora” of Europe. Many couples from the Far East spend their honeymoon here, immortalized in the most romantic scenarios.

Santorini never disappoints and even surpasses all expectations. It is a must for collectors of emotions.

Santorini is not a place, it is a state of the soul.

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