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Our urban environments often seem not so much oriented to the research of decorum and beauty. By the way, the architectural design of some buildings can reveal unusual gashes of magnificence, mainly whether certain moments or angles can be caught. Since some years Stefano Degli Esposti is showing a personal ability in capturing those peculiarities and returning them back to us in an intriguing way. To succeed in finding harmony in certain geometries, in typical urban dimensions is one of the most complicated issues in our ugly and depressed actuality. 
The project Citypatterns represents an unconscious heritage  of works performed by the photographer during the latest years,  (….) The colors are the same of the cities chosen for his representations, the warm ones from Spain or the brilliant ones from the American metropolitan cities like New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, the elements are windows, glasses, walls, balconies that become swarming hives, pieces of places that leave their individual identity and merge together such (….)  to make the photograph similar to an abstract picture. 
The project Harpatecture  is entirely focused on the post-modern architecture of an Icelandic contemporary Museum, where the photographer imagines to look through a bright kaleidoscope with fluorescent colors (….) 
The oddness of the vision reaches its peak in the project Fantascape, eye-bird natural landscapes in which are materialized  in a surrealistic way appearances of animals or strange figurations that contribute to create an estranging atmosphere.

Francesca Baboni, Stefano Taddei

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