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Pink Frame
Pink Harp
Diamonds (1)
Diamonds (2)
Diamonds (3)
Pink Cage
Pink Keyboard
Pink Net

Abstract visions from the unique architectural shapes of the Harpa building in Reykjavik (Iceland), home of the icelandic culture. October 2016

The best works often come from opportunities caught from unforeseen occurrences. As happened to me on Friday 28th October 2016, when driving to the center of Rejkyavik, after the cancellation of the private flight booked to perform an abstract photo reportage flying over Iceland, and repeat the strong experience made with Fantascape, a few months earlier. 

Then I found myself upfront a such singular building, provided with bizarre wall shapes and shimmering reflexes of its countless crystal prisms. The inside is even more intriguing thanks to the light games and reflexes on the steel laminations hanging on the ceiling and the twists of a frame with minimal lines but complex at the same time.

I spent a couple hours photographing the abstractions offered by this post-modern architectural construction, creating something not existing, unless in my imagination. Something like a tribute to this unique architectural jewel. Many pictures are titled with names of jewels, like diamond, emerald and sapphire.

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