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New York Puzzle - NewYork - 2017
Bologna la Calda - Bologna - 2017
Bologna l'Antica - Bologna - 2017
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro - Lucca -2017
Blanc i Verd - Menorca - 2017
Arlecchino - Burano - 2017
Storie di Sassi - Matera - 2018

Decomposition and recomposition of urban elements to get an identity image of a city.

Citypatchworks takes its origin from the former project Citypatterns.  A visionary trip from the urban textures made form homogeneous atchitectural areas to the assembling of urban elements that gives an immediate  idea of the city: its identity card. From the beauty of the architectural features (geometries, colors, shapes) of a city to the investigation about its history and culture.

Collages are made of several individual shots, with different sizes to give a tridimensional impact to the observer and laid along lines like the Mondrian style.  

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