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Stefano Degli Esposti

Stefano Degli Esposti, living in Sasso Marconi - Italy. I’m a non-professional photographer. I like to capture everything impress me, with a special attitude for abstract that satisfy my creativity. My works are inner processes of what I see and feel, creating images basically from non-staged subjects, according to my vision of the real. I make exhibitions in Italy since 2015, either shared (MIA Photo Fair 2017 edition in Milan, Arte a Palazzo at Farini gallery in Bologna) and solo (National Museum of Photography in Brescia, Centro di Terapia San Biagio in Casalecchio di Reno, Gonzaga Museum in Novellara, Photofestival 2018 at Made4Art gallery in Milan).

Gente di Fotografia published in 2017 my portfolio “Fantascape”, shown at MIA Photo Fair 2017 (see Projects).

Panorama online Magazine published my works about my participation to MIA Photo fair 2017 ” about my solo exhibition in Novellara  and about my solo exhibition at Photofestival 2018 in Milan

Photofestival 2018 organization selected my work “Windowntown Remake”  (Project "Citypatterns") for the official poster of the event.

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